Understanding the Benefit Science Technologies “Partnering Solution”

Benefits Science Technologies (BST) was created to partner with EMPLOYERS helping them manage their self-insured health plans more effectively. Benefits Science’s advanced analytics provides business intelligence and insight at the point of decision. Better business decisions result from our advanced software technology as well as customized solutions designed by our world-class team of PhDs, the majority of which were educated at MIT.

BST provides automated monthly reporting. We keep our partners informed of how their health plans are performing through regular automated, detailed monthly reporting. We report on both the health of the population as well as the financial health of the plan.

BST provides data mining and dashboard visualization tools and storyboards. Our clients have a deep understanding of their data and, more importantly, what that data is suggesting needs to happen next. Dashboards are customizable with up to 300 views, allowing our clients to see the metrics that are most important for them.

BST provides a goals-based plan design through the “Optimizer.” Using our advanced risk assessment, predictive modeling and Robust Optimization, we empower business owners to manage healthcare costs like every other expense of their business- with a planned budget.

We help employers get maximum benefit from their data. As your data partner our goal is to help you gather, analyze and securely store your data. We provide the sophisticated tools in-house allowing you to extract maximum insight and intelligence supporting better decisions while maintaining or improving the quality healthcare for your employees.