Who We Are

How and Why Was Benefits Science Technologies Founded?

Benefits Science Technologies (BST) was launched from the campus of MIT in 2012 to help employers make better decisions around how their dollars are being spent on healthcare costs for their employees.

The company was created to fill the “information void” employers experienced when, although they were writing the checks for coverage, often found themselves the least informed about what was going on in their plans.

Without a way to process and understand their own data, plan sponsors had to endure unsustainable and inexplicable annual rate increases.

What Makes BST Unique

  • Products and services designed to provide insight and intelligence specifically for employers.
  • Incredibly talented team of Scientists with a deep understanding of the problems employers face when offering health coverage to their employees.
  • Science team is lead by Dr. Dimitris Bertsimas, Co-director of the Operations Research Center at MIT.
  • Provide monthly individual member risk scores allowing employers to understand the totality risk assumed by their plans.
  • Provide automated monthly reporting to track population health as well as monitor the financial health of the plan.
  • Provide sample monthly reports
  • Data visualization tools providing employers freedom to mine data at will.
  • Provide screenshots of data visualization tools
  • Predictive modeling using actual member claims data providing more accurate predictions regarding likely cost and patient outcomes.
  • Annual Plan Optimization through Robust Optimization creating the most efficient plans possible