Leading The Way

Launched from the campus of MIT, Benefits Science Technologies represents a different kind of healthcare analytics company. We empower employers to make better decisions about their healthcare spend by making sense of their healthcare data. We are leading the conversation about controlling the future costs of health insurance and providing resources for our clients to join that conversation and be part of the change.

We Are Benefits Science Technologies

We specialize in providing tools and advice to self-insured companies to control their second largest spend – healthcare costs.  Our clients know what healthcare costs they are currently paying for, what they are going to pay tomorrow and how these costs will impact the future of the companies they lead. 

We automated the process so that it doesn’t require more work.

We are Benefits Science Technologies.

Our Reports are Concise, Actionable
and Can Be Automated Daily

Traditionally, big data means having access to critical information that pertains to an employer’s health plan. Unfortunately, just having information isn’t enough unless the information can be used to predict outcomes and prescribe solutions that meet the employer’s goal and objectives. Benefits Science takes a unique approach that helps employer’s turn big data into meaningful data.

We Make The Complex Simple

Employers are left with the question “what” and “how” do we use this data? Our predictive healthcare engine helps our clients make sense of what has happened regarding their healthcare spending and, more importantly, what will happen.

We Predict, Then Prescribe

We deliver the missing process called Robust Optimization, which combines the power of Predictive and Prescriptive Healthcare Analytics in order to optimize a health plan around the employer’s budget and the actual health conditions of their employees. This proprietary algorithm is at the core of how we save our clients money and help them to not only know how to make decisions, but what decisions to make.

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